Your Best Week Ever!

September 26-30

A virtual retreat for burned out business owners

Our free 5-day event to redefine a business that actually works for you and create a repeatable structure to feel productive and profitable, without overwhelm was amazing! If you missed it, it's ok, you can still get access to all presentations, materials, speaker bonuses and so much more with our VIP Focus Kit.

You started a business you were passionate about...

You worked hard and saw results.
You loved your clients and the flexibility and control you had over your life.
You LOVED your business.

But lately... not so much.

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Maybe you're...

  • Feeling drained by your business and don’t see a way out.
  • Thinking about quitting this whole entrepreneurship thing and getting a j.o.b.
  • Stretched too thin and not sure what to do to turn things around.
  • Not sure your business makes sense in the world today or in your life.
  • Too beat from life to do the things you know your business needs.
  • Ready to burn the whole thing down and start over from scratch.

Whatever it is for you. We've been there... and we know the way out.

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Your business is thriving on the outside, but you're working longer and harder than you have ever worked.
Your clients love you, but you find yourself dragging through your day.
There is revenue…but there is also, let's face it, burnout.

We feel the same way sometimes, so we put our heads together with some of the internet's most passionate business owners, and created...

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Featuring 25+ experts over 5 days, we will teach you real, actionable strategies you can use right now to redefine a business you actually enjoy.  One that works FOR you so you can create the impact you want to have without the tears of frustration.

What if you could plug your business into a framework, and put your best week on repeat?

Well you can... and we're going to help.

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Feel excited by your work again

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Run a business in a way that is aligned with your values and your life… even if that has changed

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Quit the hustle and stop doing ALL the things so you can focus on the things that move the needle forward

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Stop reacting and putting out fires all the time and get back to the  work you are meant to do

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Make time for the things that matter most to you without feeling like you have to work 24/7 to get ahead

Rediscover why you love your business

And more importantly, set up systems to keep loving it, day after day, week after week.

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Hi, I'm your host, Megan Flatt

I'm a business growth strategist, the host of Your Best Week Ever, and founder of Focus Sessions. I love entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurs.

I want you to make money and an impact. I want you to feel ease in running your business, so you have more time to focus on the important things in your life. 

In over a decade in my consulting business, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, just like you, make money and an impact from their big ideas — and create the day-to-day plans where those big ideas actually happen.

And in 2020 … I burned out. I started to dread my work. I didn’t trust my expertise.

I was ready to burn it all down. 

I had to reassess how I got to a multiple 6-figure business and what I wanted my  role to be in my business, my home, and my community. Ultimately, I had to find a way to love my business again — in this new world.

Because I want time to take my kids to the beach. I want to curl up with books meant for 16 year-old girls. I want to paddle board and map out new ideas and have coffee with friends. 

So I reimagined my business and my work schedule to make time for the things that were important to me outside of my business, while also having the impact I want to have through my work, and I started teaching my clients to do the same.

You can love your business and your life.
You can set up a structure that makes time for both.
You can have an impact without the burnout. 

You can design your best week ever and put that on repeat, again and again. 

I did it, my clients do it, and so can you.

Join me and 25+ experts during Your Best Week Ever to redefine a business that actually works for you and create a repeatable structure to feel productive and profitable, without overwhelm.

The Details


Your Best Week Ever will run from September 26–30 with a variety of presentations to choose from each day. And it’s FREE!


From the comfort of your home, office, the beach….or anywhere, really. As long as you have internet access, you can attend the summit.


Hand-picked speakers will lead you through focused presentations, 15–20 minutes in length. Their action steps will help you redefine the business you are MEANT to be running. The presentations will be available for 24-hours to encourage you to stop waiting for the right time and take action along with hundreds of other business owners bouncing back from burnout.

Focus Time

Some summits have 1–2 coworking sessions. We have 16! We know how easy it is to take part in a summit, get great ideas … and never implement. We want you to take action, so you're getting free access to our full Focus Sessions* calendar, so you can watch a presentation and act on next steps right away. Focus Sessions provide hosted co-working so you can focus on what matters. 


As an attendee, you’ll have the chance to win prizes based on engagement, BINGO, and giveaways. In fact, entries are being awarded right now in the Facebook group. Come on in and join the fun!



You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the summit where we’ll be connecting, sharing wins and ahas, and working together to set up a structure so that you can create your best week ever and repeat it again and again.

VIP Focus Kit

After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the VIP Focus Kit. That means you'll get early and ongoing access to presentations, transcripts and executive summaries, VIP-only sessions with speakers, AND exclusive bonuses from our speakers. 


As a perk for joining the summit you’ll get an invitation to Focus Week (Oct 3–10) so you can experience the full power of incorporating Focus Sessions into your normal work week and continue making every week your best week ever. Focus Week is a FREE sneak peek of our premium membership tier – Focus PLUS – complete with a plan-your-week session, drop-in coaching session and an exclusive workshop on creating a well-crafted to-do list. Included with your free ticket! WOW!!!



There are a lot of summits, training, and workshops out there for entrepreneurs. So what makes this one different?

Your Best Week Ever isn’t about more hustle or new things you “should” be doing.

It’s about rediscovering what’s most important to you. It's about recreating a business that is aligned with the business owner you are NOW and the way you want to show up for your clients, the world and most of all – yourself. It’s about creating  a structure to run THAT business, without overwhelm, week after week, with focus, intention, and results. 

You’re not going to leave with things you know you should (and really want to) implement when you have time. You're not going to find 101 level talks on  topics you could have just as easily googled. 

You’re going to actually do the work to gain clarity and create a repeatable structure to cut the overwhelm and bring you back to momentum and excitement you felt when you started your business. 

Listen… it’s not going to be easy all the time. Our expert speakers are some of the best in their industry. They are going to push you to do some deep thinking and some rip-the-band aid off clarity seeking. But I think you’re worth that hard work, don’t you?

You know that something needs to change in order to fall in love with your business again. 

Let’s do it together during Your Best Week Ever!

The Speakers

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at Your Best Week Ever.

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson

Show Your Business Who's Boss with a CEO Day


Racheal Cook

Are You Working Like a CEO?



Amber McCue

The 3 Part Modern CEO Growth Action Plan

Megan Headshot (1)

Megan Flatt

The Best Week Ever Framework


Radiah Rhodes

Being Is the New Doing


Wilder A. Clements

Adding Talent: (Mostly) Stress-Free Ways of Hiring and Retaining Employees and Contractors


Meg Casebolt

Skip Social Media, Get Found Forever


Jess Ryan, MS, NCC, LPC, 500ERYT

Reset Your Nervous System to Reset Your Business


Jessica Drucker

Building Your Business While Abroad for LGBTQ+ Folks and Allies


Dr. Sweta Chawla

The Courage to Create Work You Love


Lacy Boggs

Reclaiming Your JOY With Your Marketing

202203_Meshell Laughing - Leaning

Meshell Baker

Unleashing Your Unstoppable Confidence

Elizabeth Curtiss Happy Mom Life Lab - close sq

Elizabeth Curtiss

5 Steps for a More Peaceful, Well Run Home

ali dunn headshot (1)

Ali Dunn

Boundary Bootcamp: How to Fall Back in Love with Your Business

Miriam Headshot (1)

Miriam Burke

High Performance Habits: Cultivating the Necessity Habit, A Must Do Well Mentality

Romano headshot

Gary Romano

The Double Bottom Line: Value for You, Your Business, and Community

Dulce Orozco's Headshot 1

Dulce Orozco

Remember, YOU ARE Already Doing ENOUGH

Jackie headshot laughing

Jackie Johnstone

You are Perfectly Designed: Tapping into your inner wisdom to create YOUR wildly satisfying, successful business

Sara Headshot (1)

Sara Barry

What should you focus on?

Monica Froese headshot

Monica Froese

Breaking Down Your Business Finances - How to Use Your P&L to Work Smarter Not Harder


Mary Frances Pickett, CPA

Learning to Love the Money Side of Your Business

Paulette Pinero Headshot 1 (3)

Paulette Piñero

Realigning Your Business to Spend Time on What Matters Most

Leah-1 copy 2

Leah Neaderthal

The 3 Types of Profitability That Create a Profitable Business and a Fulfilling Life

Laura Headshot (1)

Laura Riordan

The Trifecta of Action Taking

Rachel OConnor

Rachel O'Connor

Just One Thing: A daily self-care practice that will make your business thrive


Grace Kraaijvanger

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Business

Image from iOS (1)

Jessica DiMauro

Mental Wellness for Entrepreneurs


Amy Fowler

Intention Setting


Lily Jones

Thriving After Pivot


Beryl Ayn Young

Thriving After Pivot

Photograph © Mitch Tobias / Kennedy Events business shots.  Portraits and office culture.  Small business.  Laptops

Maggie Kennedy

Thriving After A Pivot

Natalie Headshot (1)

Natalie DeGoey

Building a Business That Works For You


Krista Miller

Building a Business That Works For You

International Personal Branding Photographer

Sam Pollack

Building a Business That Works For You

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Come learn from all these amazing speakers for FREE from September 26th to 30th.

It's time to stop…

  • Thinking things will get better as soon as you get past this one thing
  • Doing the things that aren’t working (even if they used to work)
  • Running a business you don’t like anymore
  • Hustling and trying to do all the things

You’re ready TO …

  • Figure out what matters most to the impact you want to make
  • Re-imagine the business that works for you NOW
  • Set up structures and systems that support your impact and revenue
  • Remember why you started a business in the first place and fall back in love with your business

      Join us for Your Best Week Ever today!


Got questions?  We've got answers!

Sign up now so you can redefine a business that works for you, create a repeatable structure and finally get productivity without the overwhelm.