Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Megan Flatt, a business growth strategist, the host of Your Best Week Ever, and founder of Focus Sessions. I love entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurs.

I want you to make money and an impact. I want you to feel ease in running your business, so you have more time to focus on the important things in your life. 

In over a decade in my consulting business, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, just like you, make money and an impact from their big ideas — and create the day-to-day plans where those big ideas actually happen.

And in 2020 … I burned out. I started to dread my work. I didn’t trust my expertise. I was ready to burn it all down. 

I had to reassess how I got to a multiple 6-figure business and also my role in my home and community. I had to find out a way to love my business again — and how my business and life fit together in a new world. 

Because I want time to take my kids to the beach. I want to curl up with books meant for 16 year-old girls. I want to paddle board and map out new ideas and have coffee with friends. 

So I reimagined my business and my work schedule to make time for the things that were important to me outside of my business, while also having the impact I want to have through my work.

You can love your business and your life. You can set up a structure that makes time for both. You can have an impact without the burnout. 

You can design your best week ever and put that on repeat, again and again.  I did it, and so can you.

Join me and 24 experts during Your Best Week Ever to redefine a business that actually works for you and create a repeatable structure to feel productive and profitable, without overwhelm.

Meet Your Speakers

A summit is only as good as its attendees (that's you)... but great speakers sure don't hurt.

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Amber McCue

The 3 Part Modern CEO Growth Action Plan

From single mom at the age of 18 to owning two companies that allow her to work from anywhere, anytime, Amber McCue has a talent for overcoming obstacles and helping others do the same. Amber runs her businesses from Africa, where she currently lives with her family.

Amber runs Amber McCue & Co, a modern business growth consultancy, which operates globally. She is the founder of The Planathon - the annual planning event for entrepreneurs, and the creator of the most comprehensive program to learn how to run a business, The Modern CEO. She hosts the Right on Time podcast, a brand new way for freedom seeking entrepreneurs to stop letting their business run the show, and start running the show for themselves, instead.

Emily Thompson

Show Your Business Who's Boss with a CEO Day

Emily Thompson is the co-founder and host of Being Boss, a resource, community, and podcast with over 11 million downloads for creative entrepreneurs, and founder and CEO of Almanac Supply Co., a retail brand that makes and curates products that help people connect with nature. For over a decade Emily has worked closely with creatives to help them make money doing work they love, with a focus on building online business models and growing creative businesses. She’s also the co-author of Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life on Your Own Terms.

Racheal Cook

Are You Working Like a CEO?

As an award-winning business strategist, host of the Promote Yourself to CEO podcast, and Founder of The CEO Collective, Racheal Cook is on a mission to end entrepreneurial poverty of time, energy, and yes, money, for women in business. A sought after speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing, and productivity, Racheal has been featured by the US Chamber of Commerce, Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, and The Washington Post. When she's not helping women build sustainable success without hustle and burnout, you'll find Racheal reading the fairy fantasy fiction or hiking with her husband and three kids along the James River in Richmond, VA.

Lacy Boggs

How I Fell Back In Love With My Content Marketing

Lacy Boggs is a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook, "Make a Killing With Content," and the mastermind behind the "Ace Stone, Marketing Detective" podcast. As the director of The Content Direction Agency, she helps small business owners create and implement content marketing strategy that feels like a playground for ideas and results in deceptively powerful nurture content to create massive growth.

Elizabeth Curtiss

5 Steps for a More Peaceful, Well Run Home

Elizabeth Curtiss is a ‘Momlife Fixer’ & coach that wants you to have time and energy for what science says matters most: strong relationships & a purpose filled life. She’s an Enneagram 2 (and mom of 2) that’s passionate about rebalancing family and homelife demands.

She helps moms break unhealthy mindsets - especially ‘shoulding’ yourself – and reset the ridiculously high bars of motherhood today. It’s her mission to help you avoid running yourself into the ground, and instead have ease and energy  Her podcast Mom Life Done Right and sister website Happy Mom Life Lab offer fast, actionable lessons and a blueprint for modern moms to custom build their version of Mom Life Done Right.

Meshell Baker

Unleashing Your Unstoppable Confidence

Meshell Baker understands that many female founders, women business owners, and women sales leaders struggle with doubt, their inner critics, and consistent revenues. She is on a mission to ignite unstoppable confidence in as many women as possible. Meshell Baker is a Chief Confidence Igniter, Exhilarating Keynote Speaker, and Confident Living Catalyst who masterfully guides her clients to capitalize on their current conditions, leverage obstacles as opportunities, and confidently convert more conversations into raving fan clients. Meshell has phenomenal results, accolades, and awards and has compiled an incredible track record of raving recommendations with clients over the past 25+ years.

Ali Dunn

Boundary Bootcamp: How to Fall Back in Love with Your Business

Ali Dunn is a San Francisco Bay Area facilitator, speaker, and coach for creative and ambitious entrepreneurs, executives and founders. A former sales executive turned ICF certified coach, Ali’s highest intention is to empower women to connect to their why and overcome self-doubt, perfectionism, and burnout by stepping out of their comfort zone and into their power. Trained at CTI and the Berkeley Executive Training Institute, Ali’s unique combination of strategic and mindset coaching has helped her clients grow their businesses and uplevel their careers while still finding time to enjoy their personal lives.

Gary Romano

The Double Bottom Line: Value for you, your business, & community

Gary Romano, President & CEO, is an award-winning strategist and experienced adviser for nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs, driven by the vision that no child will grow up in poverty. In 2009, Gary founded Civitas Strategies to provide mission-driven organizations with the high-quality, cost-effective consulting services needed to improve outcomes for families and children. Gary continually strives to increase the impact of mission-driven organizations’ work, without increasing their costs.

Gary is a frequent speaker on the topics of nonprofit strategy, talent recruitment, and program evaluation. He is the author of three books, Small But Mighty, Lean Recruitment, and Finding Your North Star™, in which he shares his strategic planning system, built upon 30 years of experience facilitating strategy development with organizations nationwide.

Jackie Johnstone

You Are Perfectly Designed (tapping into your inner wisdom to create YOUR wildly satisfying successful business)

Jackie Johnstone is a Human Design for business expert, coach, marketing consultant, and breathwork and subconscious transformation facilitator (she's a full-on Manifesting Generator who can't pick just one!) Jackie is obsessed with transformation and devoted to growth. She works with established entrepreneurs to realize their team's potential, align their marketing with their unique energy so it feels easy and fun -- and straight up trust themselves more. Jackie describes herself as a weirdo at the intersection of "woo" and science. Of magic and practicality. Of intuition and strategy. And loving every minute of it.⁠

Mary Frances Pickett

Learning to Love the Money Side of Your Business

Mary Frances has over 20 years of experience in tax accounting, financial bookkeeping, and small business operations. She graduated summa cum laude from Samford University, earned a Masters in Tax at the University of Alabama, and then spent almost 10 years in public accounting. She has worked in audit, tax compliance, and tax consulting with a specialty in multi-state privately owned companies. After leaving public accounting, she started her own business - an online cooking school for people who eat a gluten free diet. Now, with Planning for Profitability, she’s doing what she truly loves - helping business owners grow their business and feel confident in their cash flow and profits.

Jessica Drucker

Building Your Business While Abroad for LGBTQ+ Folks and Allies

Jess Drucker is an LGBTQ + international relocation expert who helps queer folks and their families move, live and thrive abroad. Jess has spent 10 years as an expat in four countries and four years traveling in over 30 countries. Jess is also the author of How to Move Abroad and Why It's the Best Thing You'll Do. 

Jess Ryan, MS, NCC, LPC, E-RYT

Reset Your Nervous System to Reset Your Business

Jess Ryan, MS, NCC, LPC, E-RYT is a trauma-informed therapist, life coach, yoga teacher, energy worker and Shamanic practitioner. Jess has over 20 years of teaching and client experience. She pulls from her bank of working with the nervous system, physical body, and energy bodies to help client access their gateways to intuition, healing, and uncovering their true Self.

Meg Casebolt

Skip Social Media, Get Found Forever

Meg Casebolt is founder of Love At First Search, an agency singularly devoted to helping online businesses get found in search results (like Google, YouTube & iTunes) & turn those new readers into leads, subscribers and sales. Meg’s clients are entrepreneurs who are too busy changing the world to worry about things like website conversion rates and search traffic … but still want their websites to get found on Google for their brilliance and turn readers. Meg lives in Rochester, NY with her husband, 2 boys and 80lb pit bull. She has an insatiable appetite for s’mores, Broadway musicals and romance novels.

Monica Froese

Breaking Down Your Business Finances - How to Use Your P&L to Work Smarter not Harder

Monica is a digital product coach for women business owners and host of the popular podcast, Empowered Business. She has an MBA degree in finance and marketing and runs two brands Redefining Mom, a site for helping women find their identity outside of motherhood, and Empowered Business, where she empowers women to create financial independence through building 6-figure digital product businesses. She spent 11 years working for a Fortune 100 company running multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with large brands like Microsoft and HP. Now she provides online marketing education to small businesses that are looking to build a profitable revenue stream through digital products through her online programs and podcast.

Wilder Clements

Adding Talent: (Mostly) Stress-Free Ways of Hiring and Retaining Employees and Contractors

Wilder A. Clements brings experienced and value-driven counsel to purpose-driven businesses and organizations with challenging employment law questions. Wilder is experienced in advising clients on the complexities of federal and state labor and employment law, understands steps businesses and organizations need to take to treat and pay their workers fairly, and serves as an instrumental partner in helping organizations and businesses align purpose with people-first practices. Wilder has practiced labor and employment law since graduating from UC Berkeley School of Law in 2009. They have provided counsel to Fortune 500 companies, new entrepreneur's and family-run businesses, nonprofit organizations working for justice and social and environmental change, and local governmental agencies. Wilder knows from experience that workplace culture is a liability for businsses and organizations that do not tend to it. Wilder believes work can and should be a place of finding meaning and belonging. To that end, Wilder has trained hundreds of workers, managers and HR professionals on how to build workplaces that center diversity, equity and inclusion. Wilder devotes a significant portion of their services to pro bono and sliding scale legal assistance, including representing LGBTQ+ asylum-seekers and advising local nonprofits on employment law issues. They are an active member of the Bar Association of San Francisco, the California Lawyers Association - Labor & Employment Law Section, and the Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom. Originally from the Great Plains (Nebraska), Wilder maintains a deep love of the outdoors and open space. When Wilder is not practicing law, you can find them hiking a trail or camping with their family, usually somewhere in beautiful Northern California.

Dr. Sweta Chawla

The Courage to Create Work You Love

Sweta Chawla PharmD, MS is a Former Professor of Pharmacy and Clinical and Residency Director turned Speaker, Facilitator & Leadership Coach and Author. She supports organizations, highly driven professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs to reinvent how they work and lead. Through her natural leadership model, she empowers her clients to create personal structures that leverage their natural brilliance. As a result they experience more passion, impact and meaning without compromising their integrity and well-being. Dr. Sweta is the author of the book I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For...Now What? and contributor to the award-winning Anthology She’s Got This: Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On. She has published articles and essays in several journals, magazines and has spoken on many stages and panels, including the White House.

Leah Neaderthal

The 3 Types of Profitability That Create a Profitable Business and a Fulfilling Life

Leah Neaderthal is a sales coach for women consultants, and she’s the founder of Smart Gets Paid. She teaches women how to get more of the right consulting clients and get paid more for every consulting contract in her program, The Academy.

She’s also the host of The Smart Gets Paid podcast, where listeners go behind the scenes into her actual calls with clients where Leah is tackling their biggest sales challenges, and they can learn sales strategies they can use in their businesses.

Before starting Smart Gets Paid, Leah built, grew, and sold three businesses. Learn more about Leah at

Dulce Orozco

Remember YOU ARE already doing ENOUGH

Dulce Orozco is a Latina immigrant therapist helping women of color and from immigrant families in Massachusetts, putting themselves first guilt-free. Dulce's first language is Spanish, and she is also fluent in English and Portuguese. Because of her personal and professional experience, she is fascinated by culture's role in our mental health and how we perceive ourselves. She works using mindfulness, whole-body integration, self-compassion, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Dulce also works with corporations, institutions, and organizations, supporting them in caring for their employees of color in the best possible way by providing workshops and support groups. When she is not working, she is with her young daughters trying to savor their childhood as much as possible.

Rachel O'Connor

Just One Thing: A daily self-care practice that will make your business thrive

Rachel O’Connor is a weight loss coach and yoga teacher. Through coaching, Rachel discovered that she could change her life if she changed her thoughts. She learned, and continues to learn, how managing her mind and processing emotions can help her get any results she wants. Through yoga, Rachel has been learning the art of being present, and cultivating a deep connection with her body. She is delighted to combine the two in her body confidence and weight loss practice, coaching on mind mastery and body connection to help women transform their relationship with themselves, their bodies, and the food that they eat. She is committed to showing women that losing weight does not have to be hard, and that confidence is not a result of losing the unwanted pounds, but the reason why you can.

Laura Riordan

Trifecta of Action Taking

Laura Riordan is a transitions coach who helps her clients find clarity, balance and meaningful success. With a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and 20 years in the mind & body wellness industry, she brings wisdom and swiftness to her coaching practice. During a transitional time, you may feel irritated, disoriented and unsteady but are also most malleable to change. Laura helps her clients identify their meaningful work, ground aha moments and give accountability and infrastructure to make lasting changes. Laura leverages her Ph.D. to help her clients find bigger versions of themselves and her strategic and practical skills to create a roadmap to get there.

Grace Kraaijvanger

How To Fall Back In Love With Your Business

Grace Kraaijvanger is a visionary entrepreneur, artist, and community-maker who created The Hivery, a first-of-its-kind inspiration hub for creative women entrepreneurs. Grace is a go-to speaker, writer and business mentor who has interviewed and hosted luminaries like Dr. and First Lady of the United States Jill Biden, Diane von Furstenberg, Tara Mohr, Lynne Twist, Dr. Tererai Trent, Chip Conley, Elle Luna, Rosie Acosta, Marie Forleo and many more. Over the years as The Hivery continues to grow, Grace has discovered much of what she knows to be true about starting and running a business is rooted in dance and artistic expression: the importance of showing up everyday and doing the work; surrounding yourself with people who believe in your unique purpose; and leveraging setbacks as invaluable learning tools. “Entrepreneurs are artists of life.” according to Grace. As a keynote speaker, guest expert and interviewer, Grace and The Hivery have been featured in outlets such as Domino, San Francisco Chronicle, Marin Independent Journal, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Sam Pollack


Samantha Pollack is a copywriter and creative strategist for businesses &  thought leaders who are committed to ethical marketing practices and using their (super cool) work to  build a fairer, more equitable culture. She approaches marketing from a Feminist Framework, and writes essays about marketing bros, privilege, pop culture, neurodivergence, and whatever else is on her mind.

She’s also the founder of The Highly Sensitive Business Owner, a 12-week program that helps neurodivergent & highly sensitive business owners create healthier, more sustainable business models.

Lily Jones


Lily Jones is a curriculum developer, education writer, and the founder of Educator Forever, where she empowers teachers to expand their impact beyond the classroom, and Educator Forever Agency, where she works with a team of educators to create inspiring curricula.  Holding an MA in Education from UC Berkeley, Lily spent seven inspiring and exhausting years as a kindergarten and first-grade teacher, then left the classroom to work as a curriculum designer, instructional coach, education consultant, and social media strategist. In everything she does, Lily hopes to support kids to love learning and teachers to love teaching.

Beryl Ayn Young


Beryl Ayn Young, Photo Mom and Mentor is a mom, photographer, teacher, and creator of popular classes to support parents in capturing the life they love. She’s excited for of the release of a new passion project: her first children’s book! A former elementary school teacher by day, she’s taken her experience in education and photography and written a story of creativity, resilience, connection, and fulfillment for camera lovers young and old.

Beryl’s work has been featured on The Huffington Post, PicMonkey, Mpix and Digital Photography School. She’s taught hundreds of moms around the globe how to use their camera to it’s fullest potential, as a tool to connect them in deeper ways to the people they love most in the world.

Natalie DeGoey


Natalie is a multi-passionate creative and a neurodiversity self-advocate with a passion for social justice and building a more inclusive world. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her listening to podcasts or playing D&D!

Maggie Kennedy


Maggie Kennedy is the Co-Owner and Founder of Kennedy Events, a large-scale event management company based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Our team creates stress-free conferences and events with a positive impact, which allows our clients to resonate with their audience. Kennedy Events specializes in producing flawless product launches, award ceremonies, fundraisers, and multi-day conferences while keeping our eye on retention and engagement goals.

Krista Miller


At Summit in a Box®, Krista helps online business owners replace slow-growth and costly marketing strategies with high-converting virtual summits that lead to record-breaking course, membership, and group program launches. The best part? She makes it easy in her Summit in a Box Accelerator! With every strategy, template, script, tutorial, resource, and support element you'd ever need, your summit just got a whole lot easier AND more profitable!

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